hello there

Dang, it has been a WHILE since the last post! 

First, Gather's now on Instagram! Follow @gather_jewelry 

Second, here's a very recent photo of  the mighty Yuba River. This local piece of pure magic is our favorite place on earth. Can you see the tiny sunbathers in the upper right corner? That's how I plan on spending the majority of my free time this summer.

Speaking of local magic, Kitkitdizzi in downtown Nevada City, CA will be carrying Gather Jewelry. We're so happy to finally have such a beautiful local shop carrying our goods! 


  1. yay i love your blog. is that champagne in the last photo? i would like champagne and yuba with you soon. except actually today it is freezing here.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure why they had champagne in their window but I'm into it. And today it's as cold as a witch's tit over here. I hate it. See you when it warms up. xo

  2. The Yuba River looks breathtaking! That photo is misleading at first, until you see the people in the corner and realize how massive the rocks are.

  3. Hahah! We were just there, in vain peeking through the windows of Kitkitdizze and swimming in the Yuba. I look forward to hearing about the shop's opening and do believe it's an auspicious time for such an endeavor.